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Life Coaching Fees

Career/Business Coaching/Confidence Coaching/Project Management/Work-Life Balance/Money​/Health & Lifestyle

Enjoy Personal Coaching from the convenient comfort of your own home, on Skype or telephone.  
Book a Free Introductory phone call which lasts approximately 15 minutes.   We will explore the issues for which you are seeking support and then we will establish if coaching is right for you.
Breakthrough Coaching Session - 1hr 30 mins £95
  • Identify your needshow/where/what it is you want to change.
  • Explore your values and reconnect with what is important to you to live your life on your terms.
  • Create a clear and inspiring vision and actions to move you forward. 
1hr session - £75
  • For a more focused attention on a particular issue or concern, a one hour session will bring clarity and insight and  allow you to explore and address the issue at hand along with the guidance of your coach.
  • You will finish the session with a feeling of direction, purpose and renewed confidence.
To experience a real difference and see positive results in a relatively short time, a block of coaching sessions is recommended.  This will give you a clear direction and address the challenges on your journey as well as giving you great tools for life!
Book 3 sessions - £210 (£70 per session) 
Book 6 sessions - £390  (£65 per session) 
Book 9 sessions - £540  (£60 per session) 
All prices are inclusive of VAT
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